GDC Avanigadda


To provide holistic education that makes the island Area a land of law - abiding citizens that respect the sovereignty of the State and ready to serve the Country , to protect national integration and to respect the diversity in culture and ecosystem displaying scientific temperament and unified work.


• To mould the students into rational thinkers, competent workers and socially responsible citizens.
• To impart holistic education by identifying and exploring its core components .
• To inculcate moral values , legal awareness and patriotic fervour in the students .
• To recapture the value of the rich and varied culture of our Motherland , and train them to respect and enrich it .
• To create awareness of the need to protect the environment especially the rich and diverse ecosystem of the Island Area .
• To train the students to adapt scientific point of view in every walk of life .
• To train them to inculcate the idea unity is strength


To fulfill this mission, the college has set itself the following objectives.

1.Continuous personal & professional growth.

2.Providing right environment in the institution.

3.Providing access to students for a comprehensive array of careers.

4.Inculcating moral values and thereby developing them into socially responsible citizens.

5.Involvement of students in community & extension activities.

6.Student centered efforts to improve their personality and enabling them to face the competitive world.