About Incubation Centre

An incubation centre was started in the college to promote was started in the college to promote research outlook and entrepreneurship among the students as well as in the community surrounding the college on 26th February 2022 with Mr. R. Anka Rao, as the coordinator and with the support of a committee.

The activities taken up by the incubation Centre as they are follows

1. Guidance to Children Science Project: The member of the incubation centre, Dr.P.B.Sandhya Sri guided the students of ZP High School, Pedana, Krishna (Dt), to develop a project of making flower pots on the day of inception itself. The project won prizes at the national level and rised to international level as well, got the fourth place at International Science & Engineering Expo, Dallas.

2. Guiding Entrepreneurs: The centre directed the students to setup various stalls at Trade Fair conducted by the college on 18th December, 2021 and 16th February, 2023. So that, they will get first hand experience at doing a business for profit.

3. Giving Inputs for Startups: The centre provided guidance to small entrepreneurs through District Industries Centre, Krishna (Dt) and APSSDC.

4. Inviting Startup ideas: In collaboration with a startup company by name NAVKONE, the centre has invited the students to come up with innovative ideas and announced cash prize for best ideas.